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Monday, June 11, 2012

Thomas Fink and Maya Diablo Mason

Invisible Voyeurs

The winter is empty except     
for you and me. But seven       
are swimming in it.

If you sing now, you might  
get arrested. What color is   
nothing? A combination        
of many that grows invisible   
in the mixing.
Emptiness sizes up   
our wrinkled disguises, our shapely  
conventions, ignorant burlesques.
They convene to perfect impressions. Or  

have we invented them to shiver?
To blanket egos for winter warmth?
Distant mockery in winter trees. We   
only “know” as we believe.

Comfortable Distraction

The sun watches
me rise.
Rainbow ribbons in
a garbage puddle
remind me that
someday we won’t be able to
see in color;
it will have been deemed
a beautiful distraction.
Green wind
tackles a horizon—
and I forget again,

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