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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Harriet Zinnes

Strange Creature

There along the river's edge
is a strange creature.
White wings, black tail, he hops along.
Where does he come from?
Where is he going?
Is he weak?
Are his wings failing him?
Why do they flap so slowly?

Black Crow

I watch the black crow
silent on the tree branch.
Why does he remain so still?
Ah, wings must be flapped.
Flight must be taken.
When will the crow move?

Oh, suddenly there is no crow.
I do not hear the flapping of wings.
Crow, crow, how did you leave
your comfortable perch on the tree branch?

Dream of the Night

I awoke in the early morning
and remembered the dream of the night.
The gates of hell were opened.
All was aflame, afire.

I stood at the gates
that were burning  burning burning.
Heavy smoke in the air.
The light was glowing.
The fire increasing.
I trembled at the gates.

Why had the flames not touched me?
Why was my skin so clear
while I stood at the gates of hell
that were burning burning burning
while I trembling trembling
slowly shutterd the gates?

No Avatar

Sunset and early dawn.
Falling green leaves.
Birds flapping their wings on tree branches.
Traffic along the highway.

Nothing that is does not stir.
Why is there no avatar?

I Open the Window

I open the window
and look down.
There is nothing below me,
only space.
Space space space.

What is space
that is open, wide, without obstacle,
with nothing that is its content
and the possibilities that nothing will destroy it?

I close the window
and shift my gaze
to what is in the room.
All that is there will not remain.
Destruction or removal is inevitable.

 I close my eyes,
and know and know
what is will not be
as the planet turns and turns.

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