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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Burt Kimmelman


            On Galata Bridge

Late sun lighting houses
on the hills of Asia
crouching by the water –

we cross the Golden Horn
among thousands on foot,
in trams or cars, passing

men who bait and cast their
lines below – muezzins’ calls
behind, ahead of us.

            Ferry on the Bosphorous

We press onto gangplanks,
head to our seats, order
tea, the gulls following

the ship across, outside
our windows, minarets
and domes, hills and water.

            Tea in the Grand Bazaar

City of passageways,
lights of lamps, jewels, rugs,
meat roasting, spices – one

way, another – we stroll
along in the crowds, young
men cutting through, their

trays of tea for people
in their shops, curved glasses,
each with its tiny spoon.

            Early Morning

Clouds over the dark hills,
birds in twos and threes cross
the sea as slowly as

the ships below — the train
coming by, cars hugging
the shore — day beginning.

            Café, Blackout

We sit by the wood stove,
reading by candlelight, sip
tea until the music,

slow and sobbing, comes back
on — a man smoking his
hookah in time, long pulls

of smoke, then the muezzins'
prayers broadcast through the streets,
announcing the evening.

            Sea of Marmara

Light across the water –
far off a ship waiting
its turn to steam into

the Bosphorus – on shore
a man rests on a park
bench, watching the dark sea.

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