Marsh Hawk Review is an online poetry journal sponsored by the Marsh Hawk Press collective. Marsh Hawk Review will appear twice a year, under the revolving editorship of collective members. Each issue will offer a selection of poems solicited by the editor, in addition to new work posted by poets in the collective.

Monday, March 7, 2011


from American Ghazals

I used to see the future as homemade.
Now I am sure of it; there is no recipe.

Soldiers balance immediacies and delays
along the field, a foreign language to its occupants.

Bass tones equate to an immovable
frame: the sutures destined to remain unseen.

Punctuation mostly hovers where it is required,
apart from people claiming just to do their jobs.

A material witness overtakes attention
grown expensive in the mind’s unfinished repertoire.


If a flute fills the interior velvet
flute case, colored aqua, and if no one sees it . . .

A voice temperature warmer than
98.6 degrees needs no sweetening.

Tertiary tributaries make me want
to shuck the whole thing for a fishing trip.

Digression fills the psyche with abandonment
as someone interrupts thought with the name “ma’am.”

She weighs the same as her inferiority
she hears confirmed at night in country western tunes.


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