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Monday, March 7, 2011


A line from Adrienne Rich

A rift, a peculiar lapse,
death on the stage—all
are ontologically identical
with a certain type of

musical thought. Rhythm
functions as the vehicle,
the numbers of bees are
declining rapidly, large-

area spatial data sets
test the accuracies (&
inaccuracies) of gardens.
The latest breaking news

from Gainesville is that the
use of refined speakers
for heavy metal can be
engineered to target tumors.


A line from Virginia Woolf

On the outskirts
of every agony is
the ecstasy of Phil
Spector. He talks

little, focusing on
the weather, the
workability of fresh
concrete, the use

of nanoparticles as
destructive beacons
for Gated suburbs.
The tactics are quite

simple: possessed
verbal abstracts,
even those still
in their original

wrapping paper &
found in a Singapore
stock image library,
are infinitely more

poetic & interesting
gifts than Pregnancy
Test Strips from a
State-run pawnshop.


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