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Monday, March 7, 2011



i really don’t want
everyone to know

you know?

so many things.


always an end.

whatever closeness. . .

things unsaid. . .
but then.

let’s not be clever.

his photo of the Salt Canyon,
now i remember.

out of nowhere.

what do you think,
it just rattles on.

inside thinking (wings, desire)

talking to no one.
talking to you.

Whalen. Have to get that.

I should sleep. Could
watch that movie.

cricket. fruitfly.
Big one. little one.

Olson. Creeley.

get through the screen.
in this heat, laying
in bed. shut windows,
throw covers off.




His eyes are mesmerizing and that makes her suspicious. There is very little to go by, no instruction, no manifesto. Want is the negative part of claim in this naked attempt to win territory.

Make yourself presentable. He sees the rug between her thighs, and the outline around a red “flower,” a green “leaf.” Rocking back and forth like a blind singer. Cued by an emptiness, she makes an O with her mouth, opens like a young bird.


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