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Monday, March 7, 2011




Heirs to a secret order
The trajectory from boulevard
to the two towers poised on a hill
over the mall in Los Samanes

The white statue of Teresa de la Parra
in parque Los Caobos has a black
graffiti tag on its neck, tattoo curls

The city is a cubic puzzle
seen from the varying angles
of the imaginary mountain

The words intone or roam
The wind still associates itself
with ancient verbs that sound now

The bus loaded with passengers
slows up the hill in low gears


The image of the towers was being drawn on the sea.


In the Callejón de la Puñalada in Sabana Grande, there is a mural painted with an image of Víctor Valera Mora, and one with a verse by Ramón Palomares written huge across the wall. Walking in Bellas Artes, the abandoned Viasa skyscraper with its boarded-up doors.


Rain open mind this evening of sound
Repetition of noises, taps the leaves


How to write a poem
A walk in the old (coastal) city
The sky-blue painted arches
on the tomb partly shaded
by the tree beside it,
dried leaves and flowers

Short bedside verses or maps
the page of clouds the day


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