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Monday, March 7, 2011



The boy keeps showing up to the garden. An artist, he sketches the sex lives of plants, shows how they drink with the temperament of animals. We discuss the pH in the soil and his desire hums under hummus and gravel. As a rule, I don’t like beards or cocks, so I show him my platonic palms. Besides, he wouldn’t know what to do with a body as queerly pliant as mine and I wouldn’t know what to do with a body as crumbly as his. He tells me he dreams pistil-and-stamen tremors. I say, when you dig your fingers into dirt, I know your mouth fills with sand and wires. I’ve had quite enough of exploded earth; I’m waiting for the right rain.



dear tongued horizon
lipped sail
curve cup
flame’s teeth
star shaft
mouth’s dust
fierce wilding

car an aftermath
not sleeping             gears an intricate
tangle             a fist overturns

suspended face             night
avenues to street grid
where you step sidewalk

stains             a body leaks
oxygen-dazzled beads
then gush             throat’s aftermath

their mouths lands on mine
they take my hand they
take your elbow
they have missed
us and we are
glad glad glad
to have docked

in their drowsy living
room our tea grows
cold they are so soft
bullets or fireworks crack i stand
up too quickly my knee joints
pop they pretend
not to notice bring in drenched
cake until we have quite
lost the way out
walls echo back our grimaces
we stumble through an archway

caught i see their teeth quite lovely
their voices so smooth
on this moonlit mezzanine tonight

wilding fierce
dust mouth
shaft star
teeth flame
cup curve
sail lipped
horizon tongued


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