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Monday, March 7, 2011


Falling Asleep at the Movies

Rain filled the 20th century
a piano burning and in the foreground
the radio set, the suicide cart
set some light in tatters

not as much fun for God
but at least can’t you squint at it
the wrecker of cities flew in on waves of pictures
and noticed air molecules wandering

you know how those telephone poets coo
you said their names have no destination
and what is this strange sky
filled with armies of fireflies.


Gathering Darkness

Hard to imagine but I never die
punitive starbursts last forever

the inattention of art
pulls mistakes from the depths of the sky

decoys of live birds tethered, blinded, or maimed
“What a dump!” in a voice over my shoulder

time ground down to sand
measure out a line as far

as its fate will go
truthless, tender

what wants to crash in the eyes of others
where otherwise would be nothing

spread the blood over my pulse
in your previously unpublished translation

how shadows flash past divination
if you only knew how haggard I was

a corpse dressed in honey
a corpse backed by birds.


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