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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Reveal Emily

Reveal the real

Emily Dickinson!

Forget the pressed

blossoms shy

White dresses

Ardent baker

Welcome the sly


With an ocean of ink

Despite her fathers

Rule that girls only

Read scripture and

Never publish

Private views

Her terse verse

Speaks now—

His long public career


Marriage (in 9 haiku)

Two people shouting

into an empty bed room

as a cat glides by

Man finds the woman

won't talk physics or Ripley's

Believe it or Not!

Lust shakes them like wind

shakes the boughs of buds, too bad

their lips are shut tight

Today they walk close

to their dreams but only talk

of stones in their shoes

She humors her ghosts,

he shouts at the news, this serves

as their evening song

Woman finds the mate

won't ever read Jane Austen

or Virginia Woolf

Despite the snoring

and dreams that puncture the dark

they wake holding hands

He makes her a meal

she folds his socks and t-shirts

it is this simple

The sun draws them out

of dull rooms cold thighs stale cues

eros walks back in

Woman Speaks After 34 Years in Mp3

My grandmother Rose serves tea, click, clack, ting,

with some astringent memories

to the grand nephew

with his tape recorder, whirr, click, hiss,

He wants to turn his great grandfather

into a Murder, Inc. screenplay, bang, bang, bling


when all her father did, she insists,

is carry bottles to speakeasies, clink, clink, clink,

so he could make the rent, sniff, sniff, sniff,

take his family to the Catskills

for hay rides, clip, clip, clop.

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