Marsh Hawk Review is an online poetry journal sponsored by the Marsh Hawk Press collective. Marsh Hawk Review will appear twice a year, under the revolving editorship of collective members. Each issue will offer a selection of poems solicited by the editor, in addition to new work posted by poets in the collective.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Symplectic Geometry

What are blear-eyed-less monsters like? What are attractive

daughters for? When sailing sleep, she fed him arsenic to

save his life. The boy flew westward through womb & world,

beyond the northern lights, into bliss. He was a sign of grace

and a warning of being born without it

Riemannian Manifold

He wore a dark cloud across his lip. His mouth had crossed

the sun or consumed it. Outside the hotel room the waves

slated against his shins. He thought of sea anemones

instead of clowns. He figured out the exquisite theory of

spatial geometry in a movable tent. The tide had come to

swallow his tiny toes.


She wore sandstone for a woman whose breasts sung

whispers. She had not grown for years. Unable to fetch

Frisbees in winter cast upon a cloud, she got fed up with

seahorses. Her manuscript uttered not a word about white

busses with red crosses. She found miracles in minor

miracles, acted like a magician without a hat. If my head had

been cut off, she said, I would've been dead.

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