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Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Not pushy, he knew that he could afford

a guarded magnanimity.

Because of his sociable stare,

I saw I would need to smoke him up

from out of the weed I wanted to buy.

The guitar solo from “Whipping Post”

was our common language—we retraced

our kinship back through acid rock

but his greatest hits were stashed in his shoe

and not for sale—our small talk fooled

itself into thinking that we could be friends

if only our chemical circumstances

were evenly distributed.

With that compliment, we parted,

pleased with what we’d negotiated

but more than ready to resume

the self-possession of being stoned

alone and wordless, buzzing with silent

possibilities nobody owned.



make a list of all

the things you’ll miss

call home to confirm

that they are still

as you remember them

observe some

unaccountable change

and imagine its causes

your absence

has led

your loved ones

to their strange

new lives

you have abolished

all misfortune

now there is only

the blame you court

and avoid

the nightlong interview

with your restless

suspicious mind

you have become

the all-purpose villain

who needs to die

at each story’s end

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