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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thomas Fink


Bad plans

are delivered; I’m dismayed
when a broken art hands

rubies to the overpaid.
They’re spinally overgrown.
This bummer won’t clear with bumming:

warhead count overflow.

Smothered land, better
feed your creds;
don’t infect what your

good nook bred.
charm is threatening
our very strife today,

for a churning argot
to pull out cost delay.
Get up
out of the shed;

drag a poem

across your lead.
I’ll slit a noose today,

the means to build again

what’s been unmade.



What’s doing with the prices of the equities you are holding? How many dependents now? You have a backside driving you. They were refugees lining up for the worst medicine, and she was so execrable to them. She hasn’t kicked you out already. It’s a nice girlish figure, because she tapers down. But everybody gives in to a slower metabolic. . ., and that kills it. One man said, “You don’t have to love her.” What would you like of me, as if I didn’t know? How soon we forgive. Your nemesis is nabbing property in the highlands. Is it a good time to close on real estate?


let crack

nerds or premature


snatch it

away from you.

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