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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sueyeun Juliette Lee


Come on, toke it! Or they maul you, nay?
Sun of a gun, aren’t I cut? Or
it’s just a touchy walk. Are you my nina, cushy taxi, my M.O.? No?
Can’t she hold up carrying a MELODY?

Talking gets us more of it. We made a
hero assign gay dogs
midget pockets. Denigration, mate!
Gotcha. Caught YOU! No matter, yo.

Sebastian’s kite’s a
sexy goner. Tie your
SUB-muerde sass
back, man. Night yo-yos

dark agent asides.
Softly, cut the marrow, night. You aid me.

Terror abashed, am I not like a washed up
musical, a cantata cooks go hammer jammer day or night?
Soul, denied.


Clunky Five

Sure, she gotta Sunoco. Sunny kitty had two

mushrooms. Let’s take ‘em in water so no one can watch the nation sag. Hear. You

assure she matters some. Assign his shininess art.

Must you heat up those chiquitas? Sunken walker, you need neither take

caulk or knee his kibbutz anew. Cut the boat

back, tack up Mao in a washing machine’s dock.

Cold that shit, yo.

You’re hammered, mebbe broken. Mama needs

sake to go to synagogue. No way! Yo, she t-shirt may

fuss a gradient.

You’re hairy submarine, man. Nay,

tarry, carry roe. Now. So she suns a gun--no woman, de nada.

Cold cock and row! Knee high bikinis can cut the bad

bukkake down, man. Mo’ gimmes, wha? Ocean! Ow, ducky!

He beats kicks or to the canoe! Cut a baby!

Gimme that morbid war western. The key.

Go wash that, yo.

Grave, go wash that, yo.

Oh my, go wash that, yo.



Cyber makes me climate samples upon candy onions by

government corgis. Ana decorates my

token ass, sunken backwards as

Sasha technically ups the kitchen. Send men! Soaked Canada

cusses at a token nuke. The nuke tote,

token hands shaken, beaucoup wassup.

(sore children

(sexy rides

(you can have shit on a wino hoagie

Smudge, cuz fuckin’

mini cues gotta go. God, I guess you sat there

sucking your megasaurus

annoyance. Ain’t no mirror gonna flashback.

Smoothie, cuz fuckin’

minute keys gotta get shit set

so you can gaze or, uh,

no? He’ s no more a go. Flashback.

Summer caves forgive

many gooey cargos. How I wish you sat there

so you could make up sorry

ennui nomini. Go. Flashback.

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