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Sunday, April 18, 2010

John Harkey

“Axe Me What?”

quite the flared whisk, or mis-
aligned features,
the face, I mean, lavable…
Trim the wake,
and wings—remember—
are also for braking…


Here’s to the Chaplaincy, Lapsed

I’m wearing red on red because the paper your book comprises and is compelled my bloody joints, my strung-out search parties. Red underneath red divulges violence on my behalf. That will do, crestfallen facture. My wheezing gesture—this summons—will do. Some violence, I’m afraid, and a summons. Have you found yourself taken? Tried? I raise glass to what wings in your eye. If only my face was cleanly split by a strong black line. If only “the copula is hidden.” Of coupling, the warm-blooded scavenge. If my face du papier, de rien, rakishly lacks: you may for-give this limbic stench. Yes, forgive these red-on-red trademark skirmishes, none to speak of, really. But speak of, do.



A madtter whaet msourns

Tg righs form bsed avpery mdrnng

Tc flnd e raeaon tg

Aht liist thsat

Lf uo mpre

Maddtrs snb mwaorsns ett

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