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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Jane Augustine

With Friends, Living and Dead

Among African masks in Verna’s loft

            where Ros’s brassy trombone shone

and ornate Venetian candelabrum stood

            by the fruit- and cheese-laden board

we sat, and Francis Bacon’s rotting pope

            on the wall --a modern Titian’s

Paul the Third -- among a hundred

            marks of Brad’s artistic lives,

fat stones or tall on marble counter,

            round-topped table, floor,

and photo of him young in a Spanish hat,

            dead torero, looking straight out:

Are you there? The darkness around us warmed,

and we were gold in the dark.


On East Nineteenth

In sweaty morning’s

            silvery haze, the street

                       seems all reflections.

Trees blossom clouds

of pale-white petals

            by the school’s white walls.

Silver sky bends

into clean windshields

                        of parked cars. and still-bare

branches braid their windows.

Across glass doors,

            apartment entrance

to my right, a grayish nondescript

woman walks whom

I would rather not acknowledge.

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