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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Geoffrey Olsen

for Lewis Klahr's Tales of the Forgotten the Future

We have one home site fury ambient fog. It clings agape & centers, disperses not knowing the cowering networks. Disambiguation halts, thus slide other waste matters known straight from use transfer plant structure to abrogated nonsense of your self vast. up on shelves taking out easy limp shadow play among the empire obelisks, living the canyons, the swift turns of decay. Homing, hiding, shining your outlets.

Cut-outs nasturtiums empire, paisley, livid in the mixt personalities. Perish, parse, codify. Lived brightly most plasticks & other concepts. Book vintage. Vantaged up the corpus monologue.



spidered fractal
cell each flinch


yellow quality
as fade organizer

we motivate center

the parade is to suspend
the glint just off

cabled tendon caving
perish throng

orbit as

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