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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Edwin Agustín Lozada



un dos tres

cuatro cinco seis

siete ocho nueve diez

un dos

yes it’s true

es verdad

naces, te mueres y

luego nadie pensará

en ti

you’re born, then you die

and no one will ever think

of you


no one, in between the subtle and stoic glances

of the sphinx,

truly understands and feels the agony

of the sunset

ay, se le escapó el último suspiro

de asombro

oh, the last sigh of astonishment

has escaped him

screams vestiges of abandoned rhapsodies

of the River Nile

¿y los sueños de ocre y malva?

and the dreams of ochre and mauve?

¿la poesía crepuscular tejida de amapolas y lavandas?

woven twilight poetry of poppies and lavender?

¿las golondrinas danzantes prendidas de fuego y luz estelar?

dancing swallows lit with fire and stellar light?

now will I have to imagine them?

un dos tres

cuatro cinco seis

siete ocho nueve diez

un dos

yes it’s true

naces, te mueres y

and no one will ever think

of you



they search

they seek

that which can not be seen

that which can not be heard

but one can only feel

qué, quién y dónde

who, what and where?

they may desire in exhaustion

a heart-wrenching summon

supplication drenched in tears

most exquisite bravado

flawless technique

but pleading, breathing

without soul, sin alma

not enough

Buena suerte, good luck, bonne chance


what you look for

is arrogant





but has eyes and touch that will burn your soul

has claws of steel that will rip your flesh

the most silent voice that will make you scream

that will squeeze out of you every last ounce of truth

una caricia

a caress

that will make you shiver and quiver

in ecstasy

that will make you



unbound your history

meander in your deepest and darkest dreams

release yourself in the labyrinths of mystery

with eyes closed

excavate in the endless layers of truths, half truths and lies

don’t ask, do not demand

loose yourself in your endeavor, in your passion

in that beat, in that gesture

in that phrase

in that moment

y entonces

and then

just maybe, quizás

when you least expect

for a brief moment you will breathe

the magnanimous breath of

the duende

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