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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Edward Foster

Hope Dashed Again

I want to give you
all you came to find:
all those rushes from
unfinished films,
the busyness.

Each one’s
a little script
that makes us feel
the gist of what
the actors

We bend down,
by this rigid revelation,
and take our seats.

The lights.
(Why does no one
turn them on?)

Directors make us rush
through sequences
we’ve said were
life itself. We love
to ramble on.

Elsewhere, professors of the body
gather to collate their
so-called elements of life.

Those people would be
nothing, we would say, if not
high-flown arbiters
to take back this awful game
and close it down.

We wish to dominate (all of us)
our meaning and our place;
how much I want to give at least
a part
of what you came to find.

Words can’t
make sequence

The film flaps loudly
as the reel
secretes its end.

We watchers,
pass on home.

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