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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Steve Fellner

Ode to Promiscuity

From you, I need numbers, a few

simple guidelines. Numbers that tell me

how many men I need to be with

to claim I am a slut, a person

with insatiable curiosity

for everyone around me. Don’t deny me

the ability to say I no longer need

one more. Look there’s one

who I saw looking back at me

in the airport terminal. Or take

the one who was so beautiful

I had no idea why

he would spend his time in the aisles

of a library following homely men

like myself. I should stop

there. But there’s always one more

even when you’ve drawn

a limit. Or a caricature

of yourself full, bloated

with something as tasteless

as desire, a word only

the selective should use.

The desperate need to stay

away from powerless

vocabulary. Unless

we’re trying to reach the unreachable,

necessary quotas.

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