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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Rosalynde Vas Dias

Intruding Memory

The window at the landing

where the stair turns—each pane

arranging its portion—

my foot descending,

the pointed toe plunging toward the tread,

the bare foot, the infant toes above

a moving landscape—I think I was harnessed

beneath the carriage of a huge balloon,

reeled out to nap as one reels out laundry

to dry from an upper-story window.

My mother busy tidying above,

tossing the scraps of a meal overboard.

And just before sleep, my new eyes

noting the backs of birds diving

after the meal’s detritus—apple peelings,

uneaten bread crust—below that,

a mile or more, green pastures,

a tractor dragging harrows,

combing the earth . . .



Everything is so sad

when one is longing for a machine

the perfect dome
of steamed rice

into a bowl on a conveyor belt under heat lamps.

Have you lost
your love

for the labor of human hands, the toiling heart?

There is a button with a peanut
icon, a button

with a soybean icon. Just who’s
baby’s got what

kind of sauce?

Wait ‘til it breaks--
you’ll have to put your shame on the shelf--

running for the bright red (yes,
of course) emergency telephone,

(someone will be right there)

wailing for the mechanic. In
a panic.

Whatever you make, in thanks, you’ll make from scratch.

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