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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Paolo Javier

Florida Look Angelic to Recover Face

          Am I the turn of the rose adventurous

communiqué lackey required, communiqué lackey to rat on

prayers say calcified to dash off our differences

          Am I the reliquary they ought to dismember in turn

quick ambassador inalien to an importune

held mock undue humiliation

          Am I the reliquary you beam us dour discipline

bouquets in jade sorties, dismal anger agreement

to dash off a restrained resolution in tinfoil

a common voyeur recorder lead

all meager seniors touch

          In a nutshell, hard to read

Im in an auto industry arteried with curator viscosity

torn and dismembered ambassador

consecrated indiscretion. Where is love

here dismember conscious entrenched, I unpeel

                                                                      by rote

                                                                                a public diary


Disco Sunset

          Ill board the one sepulchral flotilla

trace currents of arias lowed in Orlando

lowered in Orlando on Mars

          Ill undo esplanade Leda required

enlarged for posterity’s aplomb

Ill connect the negative of your hand or dip it

into Saturday’s grab-bag of reign

renounce exegesis sorrow deepens in me

          Ill board the one sepulcher removed

seal jaundice in the marrow contending with

          the moon

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