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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Karin Randolph

In the Woods

Walls are everywhere. The crowd surges. They had unclean hands. I'm just calling to complain about the noise. Yes. Someone is always watching me. No. I would never hurt anyone.

A) No one will notice me. B) I'm not racking my brains. C) I need time.

Babies here are named for ghosts. Which is how I got my name. There were others before me. A wife would sew a woolen hem that smokes when caught.

I'm not idle. I'm checking the time. Leaflets flutter. I don't want to make a splash. The children need a nap. Water ripples. I'm tranquil. I'm reading The Idiot. A lake resembles fallen trees.

A) It is a pleasure. B) I'm double-breasted. C) Men no longer make burnt offerings. D) My voice got swallowed into my head.

By now the woods has gotten into our cabin. I rinse a dish and polish a spoon.

I wanted to explain my situation to the people in charge. These are the cakes men love. Dolly Madison made this quick bread. The membrane is permeable. We spill into the streets. Asparagus is all stalk. A glass is for swallowing. A pie is for pie.

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