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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Harriet Zinnes

Cosmic Harmony

Light is not dark.

Dark is not light.

But light and dark are harmonious partners

in a cosmic harmony

that has its contradictions.

There is harmony,

and there is dissonance,

and there is the tonal joining of the two.

Ah yes, I sleep. I dream.

I work. I play.

I arrive. I depart.

Is the day long or short,

and the years and the decades,

how are they joined?


Fire Burns

Fire burns.

In the forest there are trees.

Water cools,

and as the wind blows

leaves flutter.

What is the alchemy

that unites fire, forest, water, wind, leaves?

Or is it a mere amalgam of nature

with only the mystery of creation

that scientists may elucidate

but whose appearance amazes, bewilders,

and leaves the beholder with tears of recognition?

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