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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Francisco Guevara


The scar of prayer between the half-

glass on the cup


er(r) while driving through concrete.

on the side-

walk on the wild page

left intentionally blank & the consistency of

risk is the system caught in a quest-


and there the sky parting

above the apocryphal gathering. Red,

the new red, is to black

as Monday is to the 11th hour. Look up

“who can play the organs

when we consume” with your archival ink


Happy Birthday

Day by day by day a sundial calls it

a day until a daylight's in need

of saving, or in need of a stranded shadow.

Let's call an effigy's muffled lilt

a sustainable suit. You &

a mined for parable. Let's call my career

a XXth century, which is to say a syndrome

careening to a palsy. “Rust

your missed indiscretions for once,”

she said to a voice-over as a subtitle

bleeds the white of a foreign scene on a half-second

delay. Let's call it a hostage on retail. A sound of sun

last season from a projector-light as a textbook

day. An anthology of a leaf

left with a life jacket & canned laughter.

Resuscitated line in each butterfly stroke spoken for.

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