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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Chris Alexander

Cheerleader death has local impact suddenly KER-BLAM everyone updates...

x.x 1. Go here. 2. Pass it on. blam, blam, blam that's poetry shot out for you

then blam, OMG the suckiness "BLAM! BOOM!!!" after every mention of a bomb,

just to make sure we understood that they were BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

BLAM! BLAM! This is followed by a bunch of crashing sounds

I turned around & saw him checkin his nose out

"Wait. There's something in your eye... MY PENIS!" BLAM

but that didn't meant I expected those horns to blam around my dome all day and

blam me for things that andrew does, what he does, i'll let you on in a secret,

he has his own brain, I creep toward my prospect,

I sniff, & then blam! aye am the hunchback of notre dame RAHH


Looking nice & right as opposed to freakish deformities

a big head or deformity lifting a huge hunted game, moving a rock, etc.

If we evolved, then when we die we just go back into the earth

But to just say we evolved from monkeys

Here are the skeletons to prove it

fails to answer questions like "Where do monkeys come from?"

Head boy 1 makes with the information

takes big baby from the President's arms

a horrifying mutant combination of ball & boy

spewing freedom into Norman Rockwell's Juicyfruit

Xmas-Eve-Post-Kissing Santa Hangdog Sausage Ace

Ordinary folks are the sinews of our land.

One day they evolve & eat us humans

then we evolve into animals, die,

then insects, die & then bacteria

and die & then we are just spirit

Somewhere, Jesus is shaking his head in dismay

why he got stuck with all the jokers on his team


What's your favourite band? Iron Butterfly or ABBA

All the ding-dong day i have wasted on the interior

prosthetic synthesis with butterfly sealed up

liberator pillows toss pillows stereo speaker pillow blocks butterfly

pillows bean bag pillows free butterfly cross stitch pattern lamb's ears &

butterfly bush on steroids

just flexing their social butterfly/used car salesman

Submariner: Yes indeed I fucking hate stupid people! Wanna know why????

Because they are fucking STUPID! Like, why hasn't nature

taken its toll & killed them off by now? Honestly. ARGH!!!!!

I Am A Cheeseburger, true nature of fine art

that have confined you & with no exclamation, your eyes are enticed to pursue

Bring out the pom-pom girls, set off fireworks, stun the zombies, let's get retarded

OoOoOo Miss Butterfly

That is so awesome!!!!

That has to be an awesome moment that many of you

have already experienced no matter what size you

Its so awesome the stuff that people did in the past, stuff they got away with was so awesome,

like drive a cracked up plane down a dirt road, or live on their own at 17,

or live in France for the war

There were some professions of faith, which was awesome.

Most of us are aware of the existence of endorphins,

those happy hormones that make us feel good.
In 3 words: pizza hut awesome!
Awesome summer. I just need help with gas money
I too am proud to be awesome
She screams so loud it scared the fuck out of us
We're waiting for the butterfly crew, their shrink
overtakes me with a butterfly net around my head
I try to scream but my jaw can't move in the cage
My use of "expansion" is based on Donne's incredibly famous poem "Valediction: Forbidding Mourning" = "take on me" none Abba "waterloo" phil glanville AC/DC weapon Orbital mind control lasers Giant tumble dryer Army of mind zombies The entire Abba Butterfly Cofferlait Blade Test Don Iguana finds the butterfly table tennis paddle to be a dickens of a blade
As virtuous men pass mildly away
And whisper to their souls to go
like, zombies scare you? More than death itself. ZOMBIES!?! HOLY FREAKING CRAP!
They inject themselves with this spiritual embalming fluid
valediction forbidding zombies, butterfly bushes that were blooming & attacking huge old butterflies in the general awesomeness of a great faith, nature & endorphins,
zombie safety puppet show

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