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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

William Allegrezza

William Allegrezza

A Field to Rend

the unbecoming words shift
with no new beginning
with no ledges full or smoke blowing
clear skies people walking
with no one speaking our
certain lineage quietly stated
in back corners among the
curious handsomely forgotten
companions of here.

still nomadic then and fighting
the fences the degreed ranks
the unknowing slips through
in a anti all the while this yes
a defensive cover protecting
an infant ideal.

with your arguments i agree
but my place is scuttling
among tables partially hearing
logical conversations under
the mast and wondering
if anyone sees the garlands
spinning in flood waters rising.

to be a poet as the iron eye
one must continue misunderstanding
through song.



to be the iron eye
the green mast light
the pestilent vagabond
tumbler horse-groomer
wandering among
the perfumed evenings.

to be the seacoast veil
the raucous choir filled with
fanfare rivers trembling
dizziness and wide blue

to be the gray frenzy
the morning mad pressing electric
on the step covered with
questions stars camisoles
and steam.

to be the spoken sun
the sparkling arcane sphinx
gathering nocturnal silences
as laughter as ambiguity
as astonished altitude.

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