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Monday, February 16, 2009

Sheila E. Murphy

Sheila E. Murphy

slant point five (lines into winter)
mirror trees redeem each land with sundial shadow
(thereby) immigrant perception launches a religion:
safely as in demitasse, long lingering retouch of camera wing
(else) medicinal repair contests first question
its repose beneath the longer answer than first thought



December's twitchish clean bill
overturns the raku
Potemkin Villa Lobos hex
in tandem with and of few
frothings torn from vatic
shims steepled on pins
nautical respect for few levers
deep in the heart of teapot flung
hither to hexagram imported
from the basso prof-
of nether Mixolydian spore craft
shielding the impenetrable entre-nous.

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