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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kristen Gallagher

Kristen Gallagher

Owed to Cheap Headphones

Because I believe in dialogue
and compromise
both the music I want
and the sound of the world
I cherish these cheap headphones
and enjoy that all sounds are either
or everything, which helps me remember
all is Increase
even in death
my silence,
the birds and helicopters
only change of address

listening to some old recordings
years later standing
in a place
cheap headphones don’t protect me from
change over time
if you add the sound of birds wailing behind us
to the cars all around us
you get a day
and wonder when to hear
the speed of light sounding in from the sky
[a bus pulls off]
that sounds like a deal
so as to re-orient
an intersection

the daily dance floor
moves directional
sirens here, a seventies song
left rear, helicopters
a fade-in I think
electric guitars
until they aren’t
its like having motorcycles in the sky
police state
howling descends from behind right
a Hitchcock film from memory immediately
adjust position
only Brian Eno can push it back

when the aliens come they are much
more likely to listen to our
recordings than to read our books

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