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Monday, February 16, 2009

Juanita Torrence-Thompson

Juanita Torrence-Thompson

Speak softly. . .

And never return
To the Isle of Whispers
You feign agreement
Think she’s a 3-legged ostrich
Dancing on golden stilts.
No ostrich, she
Better a pierced-eared
Steamroller dripping
In ermine who sits
On cantilevered shelves
Caterwauling at dawn

Speak softly
And never return
To the Isle of Whispers
Your bridge of tears
Grows thin as flax thread
Wrapped around a satin torpedo.
She leaps, cajoles
Sings and stings
Through violet-laden meadows
Other times she’s chiffon
Flowing past steel jars
Or pools of whipped cream

Whatever stance prevails,
Ignore sly, friendly orbs
They fling into schisms
Of pearls, retreating into
Knotted webs of jello.


Blue Evening Surrounds

Blue evening surrounds
Mute, as it stencils
And shrinks a hailstorm.

Magic women cloistered
On a sparse terrace
Flighty as meringue

Coursing, coursing
Through mirrors
wearing tropical

Chiffon and drowning
In a lime storm
Sliding by radiant, calm


C A said...

Ms. Torrence-Thompson,

Your offerings are delicate, delightful, and delicious.

Seamas Rua said...

The imagery glitters, a series of sharp flashes into comprsessed visions of beautiful, brilliant and (sometimes) fearful truths.