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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Basil King

Basil King

Learning to Draw/A History
Part one: American Hands

There is no ending
Not everything can go into
One painting one poem
Divide Divide and Divide again
Find the space
Equal to the information
Each time the hand
Finds three of kind
Each time I fill a full house
I am called to an album of family photos
Wild Cards
The towering Ace
Black Jack
Don’t call the accountants
It’s too early
New structures are being built
People are moving
They are raising havoc
Each word carries its own weight
Each stroke of paint accumulates a mass
It’s the impossible that’s with us
Dissolve deception
The Possible Can Happen
Give me the egg
You keep the chicken
I have stroked the canvas
And turned its neck
So that it would face
The only color that remains
The sound the one that utters
Bring me the seasons
A throat that is willing
To stroke the fisherman home
Oarsman she wears her mother’s dress
She brings her baby
The ocean is deep
Alone on the beach
The fish bite
Naples Trafalgar
In Venice there are canals
Ancient whorehouses
Torture chambers
Lady Hamilton
Giorgione and Titian and Jews
Stars Ladino and codfish
The painter can put his hand
Through the canvas and find
Wild Cards forlorn and available
Picnics music rabble in the grass
Buy a city a car and a pair of shoes
Eat what you draw
You forgot
The sculptor builds masks for everyone
Who has had their face shot off
She said I am an actress
I should have seen through him he was acting
King of Hearts Eight of Hearts
Ten of Diamonds Two of Diamonds
The Ace of Spades
Ace King Black Jack

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