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Monday, February 16, 2009

Akilah Oliver

Akilah Oliver

Excerpt from "A Putterer's Notebook":

how then, the primary duty of repair?:

Finding myself deposed between parallel borders of

dysmorphic imaginaries,

Graafian follicle, named after Dutch anatomist de Graaf

Uteri, compare with hysteria, or see, “angry blogs”, compare with hysteric

Finger, you fingered me, our eidos

Joint, to join, joindre

If the sun is masculine, what is masculinity?

Ovariectomy, non-magical incision, the knives are out

“god don’t like ugly” mother’s logion

Get your footing

Thumb your nose

Armare, arma, armor, arms

If the sea is a woman, what is a woman?

Heart, kindred aria

Lung, compare with lights

Cortex, or vortex, bark or eddy

They’re speaking in tongues again

A sensation, hardly bearable,


phantasmic geographies

[my lovelies, my loves]

What does it mean to be in a new century: to be present, citizen of this Time, outside, yet
still anchored to

the sensibility of a land-based disruption?


Induced by

this yearning for lineage, as if proof of existence depends on cowrie shells bartered in pre-industrial markets.

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