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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Jane Augustine

CBGB's Claustrophic

I am the pummeled young

crushed soda cans under flashing

bloodlight spots on drummer’s arm

blue on stubble of guitarist’s jaw

as he bends in agony gut-doubling

sudden terror-blast of white spot shows

too much and quick dark mercy comes back.

Body rubs body as prom-pix beauty affixes

her mouth to a black-hooded head

she clutches with both hands at the neck.

So much fear lust fused defused

under the jackhammer pounding

of sound whamming away reflections,

consequences, daytime stuff that’s

outside the box, the writhing black-joy

misery box, bathysphere in black ocean

because protection is needed because

you have to be in it because there every,

every suffering insufferable dark body

rubbed mashed snubbed gagged

longed-for swallowed is what’s wanted,

more body, more slime, slobber,

sweat, wet, scurf, squawk to be set free

charged up to richest livingness

and for a short span music does it.

Hammers it home.

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