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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Robert Murphy

At Age Sixty

The voice in him said,
to split wood all day in the summer sun
is to wish yourself dead.

In retort, or threat,
he swung the heavy maul instead
with greater violence,

as if it was his thought
to break himself in-two,
and not the shingle-oak that lay at hand.

To no-one in particular he replied,
or was it to address the stinging flies,
it may well be the last thing that I do:

for who,
or whatever it is that sleeps in me tonight
sleeps dead

certain that his thoughts ring true.
Better ways doubtless have been tried,
and quicker too,

but no-one ever slept half so well--
in the daily distance of diminishment
between, dear God, the likes of me, and You.

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