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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Michael Heller


At Metro Belleville

Here, coming up

the steps as I go down,

the enigma of legitimacy--

can’t ask the youth

about his Bin-Laden t-shirt,

what brought this day,

what made him don

the garment,

what made his eye

unenterable, made

his face the ground

that forbids a smile.

Not far to Rue des Rosiers,

its old Jewish-owned shops,

not far from one's legitimacy

or one's illegitimacy

Not far, perhaps a distance

to be traversed in milliseconds

from the poet Darwish’s

“eloquence of blood”

to my stoppered voice.

Not far from the eternity

of identity conferred

at the cost of one’s consonance,

at the cost of one’s mutualitĂ©.

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